A network of inspired, committed individuals determined to make the world a better place.


What are we aiming for?


The overarching goal of the Young Global Changers program is not only to connect inspiring young people from around the world during the Global Solutions Summer School and the Global Solutions Summit in Berlin, but to create a global movement of young individuals with innovative ideas from across the globe to change the world for the better.


We are currently witnessing a trend in many advanced and emerging economies where economic prosperity is increasingly becoming decoupled from social prosperity and environmental sustainability. To stop this trend and to reverse the growing global inequality, the ongoing destruction of the environment, the weakening of democratic institutions, and the decline of international collaboration and trust between nations - a global paradigm shift is urgently needed.


To achieve a meaningful change of directions, the imperative of recoupling the economy with social prosperity and environmental sustainability needs to be urgently addressed in global fora such as the G20 and the G7/G8. The Global Solutions Initiative has set out to provide research-based policy advise to these global fora to facilitate the necessary paradigm shift.


We also believe that in this endeavor to bring about change, giving a voice to the younger generation is crucial - after all it is the younger generation who will be most affected by today's actions and inaction on the global political stage. That is why in 2017 the Global Solutions Initiative has initiated the Young Global Changers program. It aims at empowering young changemakers from around the world to become a distinguishable voice on the most pressing global issues - not only to make their demands heard but also to present their own approaches to finding "global solutions" for a better future.


Who are the Young Global Changers?


The Young Global Changers are students, young academics, young professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world who are developing or implementing ideas to bring about positive change, whether at the global, regional or local level. Each year, the Global Solutions Initiative invites these inspiring young talents from around the globe to the Global Solutions Summit in Berlin, to join the Young Global Changers network, and to become part of a growing global movement.


The program aims at bringing together young researchers, scientists and academics from across all academic disciplines with young entrepreneurs and other aspiring changemakers. Together they explore and utilize the potential of combining innovative research ideas with experience in actual change-projects on the ground. Going forward the Young Global Changers will present their recommendations, ideas and projects at the Global Solutions Summit and beyond.


Since 2017, the Young Global Changers program has attracted over 300 students and young professionals from more than 100 different countries to participate in the Global Solutions Summit and to attend the Global Solutions Summer School in Berlin. During the program they engage with global thought-leaders and work together on finding solutions to the global challenges.

What is the Global Solutions Initiative?


The Global Solutions Initiative (GSI) is a global collaborative enterprise to propose policy responses to major global problems, addressed by the G20, the G7/G8 and other global governance fora.


Once a year we gather the world's leading think tanks, thought leaders and decision makers from around the world in Berlin at the Global Solutions Summit to work on finding solutions to global challenges.The Summit, also called The World Policy Forum, aims at connecting thought leaders, decision makers, entrepreneurs and other people with a vision for a better future and strives to be a forum that creates global solutions for the most important global challenges of the present and the future.


In 2019, 1,600 participants from various sectors and 120 countries registered for the summit, met with 221 speakers and participated in over 60 sessions. The summit aimed to provide policy recommendations on major G20 issues and thereby served as a stepping stone to the Japanese T20 Summit in May 2019 and the Japanese G20 Summit in June 2019. The Global Solutions Summit 2019 was a T20 Japan associated event.


Apart from organizing the Global Solutions Summit the GSI's activities also include organizing international workshops and conferences, dialogues with policymakers and business leaders, as well as national and regional meetings, exploring the interface between global problem-solving and local decision-making, and more. Learn more about the GSI.


The YGC Website


This website was created as a platform to present the outcomes of the 2019 Global Solutions Summer School. It has since developed into a platform for all generations of YGCs to connect with each other and to present the important work they are doing as part of the global YGC network and within their own projects and activities. The websites' heart and center is a blog that includes reports, stories and commentary by the Young Global Changers on important global issues.


The first round of YGC articles was created in collaboration with Berlin’s leading newspaper “Der Tagesspiegel” and its editors Ruth Ciesinger and Fabian Löhe. Since then, more articles have been published by the YGC. We are looking forward to publishing the voices of the Young Global Changers on this website and beyond. To the blog articles.